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Who we are

Who we are

Eden Garden Society is a not-for-profit charity.  We are not part of the Council nor owned privately.  Every cent that comes to us is reinvested back in to the running and maintenance of Eden Garden. 



In 1964 a farsighted horticulturalist, Jack Clark, with 15 fellow enthusiasts, took on the daunting challenge of converting an old, abandoned, rubbish-filled quarry into the world-class garden it is today.  The quarry on the site of one of Auckland's forty volcanic cones, had supplied stone for the early development of the city.  It had been purchased by a city businessman, Sir Frank Mappin, as an addition to his neighbouring estate, which he eventually donated to the Crown as the site for Government House.  The quarry site was not required and it passed to The Eden Garden Society for development.  Many years of back-breaking work followed, emptying the quarry of old abandoned trucks and cars and decades of rubbish, bringing in tons of soil, all done by the core of volunteers. 



Our  Acting General Manager is Angela Moon-Jones.  Angela's background is in horticulture, marketing,  and management with companies such as Debco Ltd, Tui Garden Products and NZ Gardener magazine.

Angela's team covers the Front of House reception, back office administration, cafe staff and, of course, gardening - a small team or workers and volunteers led by Nikita Engels.



We have a group of committed volunteers who make up the Executive Committee with our General Manager.

Micheline Newton - Acting Chair of Committee and HR lead (member of subcommittee on compliance)

Don Gibson - Treasurer (member of subcommittees on Finance, Cafe, Compliance and Maintenance)

David Pittman - Maintenance (member of subcommittees on Maintenance, Horticulture and Compliance)

Anne Martin - Marketing (member of subcommittees on Marketing and Cafe)

Robert Jones - Cafe (member of subcommittees on Cafe and Finance)

Graeme Bakker - Committee Member

Al Vendt - Committee Member

Ann Nicholas - Committee Member