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Gardening - Conservation

Concern for the environment is at the heart of everything we do.

We have various nesting boxes for birds and traps for their predators and wasps.

We plant for bio-diversity and to encourage native fauna like geckos, wetas, insects and butterflies – and we have an active butterfly breeding programme and our own breeding house for native butterflies.

We take care of our rubbish – we compost our own garden staff lunchroom waste on site and reuse in the garden. We have stopped using single use plastic bags in the shop.

We’re looking into stopping the use of hazardous chemical spraying methods and trying more eco-friendly alternatives.

We are constantly trying to improve our energy usage across the Garden and our buildings.  Water conservation and power consumption are areas we are striving to improve upon. We have exchanged our old diesel vehicle for a great electric model to reduce fuel emissions in the garden. We are also planning to upgrade our older heavy use petrol tools for more efficient/electric ones over time, like our new leaf blower.

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